Eastbourne Borough Council

Iona Cameron was previously the Planning Policy Manager between 2006 and 2013, responsible for the development, production, editing and approval of the Local Plan submitted for Examination in Public.  The Core Strategy Local Plan articulated a vision and development strategy for Eastbourne as well as each of the Borough’s neighbourhoods.  It seeks to balance sustainable development and conservation with growth and regeneration, focusing growth on the Town Centre and Harbour Area.

The Core Strategy Local Plan was found ‘sound’ by an independent Planning Inspector in 2012 and the approach to balancing economic, social and environmental considerations as best practice and consistent with the new National Planning Policy Framework.

Iona’s particular specialism was in preparing the new vision and sustainable development strategy for Eastbourne and each of the Borough’s 14 neighbourhoods working in close partnership with Councillors and Wealden District Council.  The Eastbourne Local Plan is based on a wide range of statistics, background land use studies and relevant information. These ranged from Strategic Flood Risk; Housing Land Availability; and Housing Market Viability to Sustainable Neighbourhood Assessments and Infrastructure Plans, which Iona was responsible for commissioning and overseeing and thus has a sound working knowledge.

The planning Policy Team overseen by Iona, also published for consultation and finally approved a series of Supplementary Planning Documents that elaborate the planning guidance on specific policy matters for example: Eastbourne Park as well as detailed guidance on acceptable Sustainable Building Designs. 



"Iona has a broad and in-depth knowledge of the strategic Planning fucntion. Iona is able to think and work strategically as well as understand the interdependencies and implications for other areas of the local authority`s functions." - Eastbourne Borough Council