Planning, Design and Access Statements

Planning Applications

Camerons would be happy to submit a planning application, along with a supporting Design and Access Statement or Planning Report to suit your needs. We can also provide the following as required:

  • Consultation with the local community; 
  • Background studies or reports required such as landscape or ecology; 
  • Liaison with utility companies, or other groups to confirm that the proposals are serviceable. 

Case Study 

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Prior Approval Notifications

Not all works require full planning permission. Recent changes in the General Permitted Development Order, enable some types of development and changes of uses such as agricultural buildings to be considered ‘permitted development’. But these will require a Prior Approval Notification application to be submitted so that the Local Council can still consider its wider impact. 

The administrative fee for a ‘Prior Approval Notification’ is usually much lower than a full planning application.  However, the application for any ‘prior approval notification’ needs to be accompanied with some supplementary information to cover various specified planning matters relevant to the proposed works. Camerons would be happy to provide you with an application for ‘prior approval notification’ and a Planning Report to accompany it. 

Alternatively, there may be times when you just need to confirm that the use, operation or activity is lawful for planning control purposes. You might in that instance wish to apply to the local planning authority for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC). There is still a local authority administrative fee and the Law Development Certificate application will also require some supplementary information to also be provided.

We can prepare the appropriate applications as well as a supplementary planning report. We will also provide professional planning advice as to the best course to follow to successfully moving your project forward.  

Case Study

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